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Mission Statement

Empowering children to work together, live healthy lives, and reach their boundless dreams!


Boundless Butterfly Press from 2021 to the present, is an independent publishing company, guided by its mission to help educate and invest in the wellbeing of minority and low-income communities as well as children across the U.S. and the world.

Boundless Butterfly Press is devoted to storytelling filled with positive messages and identifiable characters to represent all communities.

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VISION Statement


Boundless Butterfly Press

Over 56 million people are without adequate healthcare in the United States. The majority of them live in minority communities. Unfortunately, these same communities lack adequate healthcare programs. Families who aren’t able to afford good healthcare often experience 2X the amount of preventable hospitalizations compared to nearly double of other ethnic backgrounds.

Boundless Butterfly Press aims to change these statistics so every child has a fair shot of adequate healthcare and quality of life. Through children’s literature we can bridge the gap between educational resources and underserved communities.

We look forward to adding literature that highlights characters from underrepresented ethnic groups. We believe that health and wellbeing should be accessible for all children and families. Our goal is to develop books and various publications that promote healthy choices and unity for all!

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Creating children’s literature that embraces diversity and helps raise awareness on the health disparities within minority communities.

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Inspiring children and families to live healthy lives by teaching them how to make informed choices.

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Health and Wellness

Increasing health literacy within families and communities.

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Bringing children together through lessons of unity,
good choices, and acceptance.

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The biggest joy in my life is being a mother. I am fortunate and grateful to have a great husband, one daughter, and one son. My children are at an age where their development is crucial. Like you, my goal is to keep my kids healthy and happy. I am honored to share my experience and expertise in health and wellness through my independent publishing company.

Being boundless is a way of life for me. As a nurse practitioner and professor, I am passionate about sharing my hands and heart with underserved communities.

I have devoted my life to being an advocate for good health and wellbeing for all. I have experienced, firsthand, the health inequities existing inside minority communities. Helping families with little to no healthcare or wellness plans, means the world to me.

My upcoming book series, “Gabby,” was created to help guide families to good health and wellbeing. My characters embrace diversity and community; teaching children that when we lift up the voices of one another we can make the world a better place.

If you are looking for a book that can offer your child a fresh and fun perspective on healthy living, than you have come to the right place!

Boundless Butterfly Press and I are dedicated to the mission that success means more when we achieve together!

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